Getting People Out of Pain

2017 Catalyst – Issue 3
By: Uko Etim, Burkhart Business Development Manager

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Veneering Heavily-Worn Dentition

2017 Catalyst – Issue 3
By: Rhys Spoor, DDS, FAGD

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Can Moving Across the Street Increase Your Production by 20%?

2017 Catalyst – Issue 3
Dr. Vic Uhrenholdt in Cleveland, Texas
By: Kim Thomas, Burkhart Account Manager
Photos By: Steve Brack

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The 5-Star Practice

2017 Catalyst – Issue 3
By: Kathy Edwards, RDH, Practice Consultant

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Meet Burkhart’s Practice Support Team


Burkhart’s Practice Support Team is here to answer all of your questions, from scheduling to compliance and beyond—free of charge. The team exists to share their skills and abilities with dental offices and the dental community in order to provide a positive impact on the lives of the people they serve and the business they conduct, one person at a time.

Meet the Team:
Kathy Edwards, RDH – Kathy recently celebrated her 6th year with Burkhart.  Kathy’s 21 years in dentistry, preceded by a 10-year accounting career allows her to bring passion to both patient centered care and sound business strategies for the dental practices we support.  Kathy continues to practice clinical hygiene in a periodontally focused practice part-time in Renton, Washington.  She founded and directed the SouthShore Dental Hygiene Study Club for 9 years, which now serves as a model for other dental hygiene study clubs nationwide.  Kathy provides insight and coaching as a Practice Support Consultant to Burkhart’s clients and internal associates.

Dana Morano – Dana came to Burkhart 3 years ago with 25 years of business experience in office management, bookkeeping, client services and administration. Her background is very diverse as it includes assisting a commodity/stock trader, geological/hydrogeological consultants, and the great team at the Portland Branch most recently. She plays an integral part in coordinating our logistics, marketing, trainings, Practice View process, accounting and PST Hotline support as our Administrative Coordinator.

Margaret Boyce-Cooley – A Masters in Education and Training combined with 20 years in the training and business management fields provides the foundation for her work as the Director of the Practice Support Team. Margaret’s previous experience in leading operations and sales for a training organization along with 9 years of experience in dental consulting with Burkhart helps her to provide business insight to the practices that Burkhart serves as well as our internal associates.

Give them a call or send them an email with your questions – they are here to help!


What is Social Media Anyway? And How Do I Start Using It?

What is social media? That’s a big question, and it can be hard to answer. An even harder question to answer is: how do I use social media for my business? In this series I will focus on the impact of social media and what it can mean for you as a professional. To kick things off I’d like to share a video from Socialnomics:

The video shares some scary statistics, but they can also be exciting. Think about what this means for your business and your practice. Use this blog as a resource to dive into social media and create a name for yourself and your business online.

In the posts to follow I will focus on the different social media platforms and how you can use them. I will also provide ideas for types of content that you can share and what a good social media post looks like. People today are finding their information in different ways: it’s not just about the yellow pages anymore.

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