Top 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dental Chair

Provided by A-dec.

There are many reasons a dentist may choose one chair over another, from the ability to integrate a full range of options, to comfort and ergonomics for patients and staff—and countless personal preferences in between. What matters most is finding a chair that’s the right fit for you and your team. Before you begin diving into the details, think about these four high-level considerations, which apply to all types of practices across the board.

1. Performance and Efficiency
Does every feature have a specific purpose geared toward helping you and your team gain access and perform at your best? Is each piece ergonomically designed for both patient comfort and yours? Look for a thin backrest, swivel on both sides of center, soft cushioning, programmable positions, dual-articulating headrest, movable, multi-position armrests, synchronized chair movement and a footswitch or touchpad.

2. Durability and Reliability
Is the chair made to last and built to withstand the rigors and harsh environment of the operatory? Is it sturdy and easy to position? Look for equipment that is reliable and ready for years of continuous use, with a track record for minimal service calls.

3. Reputation and Service
When your equipment isn’t working, you aren’t working. It’s that simple. So, research is key. What’s the track record of the chairs you are interested in purchasing? What is the historic record of service and repair? Ask your peers and service techs what products they know and recommend. Access to ongoing customer support is also key. Make sure you know you will be able to get the help, advice, and replacement parts you need for many years to come.

4. Cost of Ownership
Choose a chair with reasonable life costs—typically, the expense required for maintenance and repair over the chair’s expected life. Consider a solution with a reputation for functional simplicity and reliability, which may negate expensive maintenance costs and limit downtime in the future—meaning you have a higher return on every dollar invested. And, if you need a repair, make sure the technician is specifically trained to the manufacturer’s standards. This relationship means access to genuine parts, ensuring a higher standard of repair and longevity.

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