Take Home Pay – How You Can Easily Earn Extra Money in Your Pocket

By Shannon Woodburn, Burkhart Account Manager


Kuna Dental is a fun and energetic practice nestled in the corn fields of Kuna, Idaho. Dr. Doug Croft is a hard working “teddy bear” who put himself through dental school by earning money driving gas tankers to finance his education before starting dental school at the “non-traditional” age of 27. He is extremely involved in the local community and started a very successful practice almost 20 years ago. As his practice expanded, he built a beautiful new building where it could grow. Dr. Dan Haws, an avid cyclist and meticulous dentist practicing in Southern California, relocated his immediate family to be closer to relatives and joined the thriving practice at Kuna Dental in 2014.

Impressed with Burkhart Staff
Dr. Croft wanted to work with Burkhart as his staff was impressed with the people that made up Burkhart. They said that Robert Fogleman was integral in their decision to give Burkhart a try as he provided phenomenal service and they had a great relationship with him as their “fix it” guy. Burkhart Regional Sales Manager Derek Johnson was very thorough, and Kuna Dental decided to do business with these exceptional people.

Significant Savings Achieved Through Supply Saving Guarantee
Dr. Croft likes the Supply Savings Guarantee (SSG) and says, “It’s nice to have the extra money in my pocket…kind of like the cream on the top!” He said money doesn’t make his life spin, but it sure never hurts to have some extra money lying around, and Burkhart has given him that option by the significant savings his office has achieved since starting the SSG Program. He appreciates the fantastic customer service he receives from Burkhart and the fact that they take an interest in his business.

Quarterly Review Identifies Supply Overhead Percentage
His Burkhart Account Manager, Shannon Woodburn, performs a quarterly review to go over his numbers, evaluate what is going well and then make suggestions on what could be even better. This review helps him keep abreast of his supply overhead percentage and how to continuously improve and get it lower. He enjoys the graphs that put a visual on the trends in his practice and shows accountability for what is happening with his supplies.

The goal is to hit a specified percentage and often times the actual results are significantly lower than the established goal percentage that is being aimed for. He also appreciates that saving money never sacrifices quality. Jessica, his dental assistant, is integral in the partnership that ensures they never run out of anything, but also keeps a tight inventory so nothing is overstocked and wasting precious resources by just resting on the shelf for months.

Making Life Easier
Burkhart helps make life easier at Kuna Dental by taking the worry off the doctor’s shoulders regarding supply decisions. He has confidence knowing that his Burkhart Account Manager is looking out for his best interests at all times. This helps to simplify his practice and give him more free time.

Savings Allows Practice Investments That Make Business Profitable
The Supply Savings Guarantee Program has helped to save money. This allows for extra cash flow to invest in the practice on new handpieces or other important equipment that makes the business profitable and keeps it running smoothly.

A Great Team
Jessica has formed a great team with the Burkhart account manager to maintain the perfect level of inventory, swap out products that are more cost-beneficial yet offer the same quality for a better price, and maximize the amount of free products they have access to without compromising their desired products as dental professionals.

Continuing Education Programs Keep Staff Informed
Burkhart continually offers continuing education programs on hot topics and new offerings to keep them informed of the many changing options in the dental world. They work well with the staff and are great problem-solvers by anticipating what the office needs to continue their financial success.

Just Do It
If any dentist is considering the SSG Program, Dr. Croft advises them of the popular slogan to “Just do it!” It’s a better way to eliminate the “heartburn” of trying to plow the road on your own, when you have people with experience who can make your life much easier and free up your time.

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