Thanks For Asking


Kathy Edwards, RDH, Margaret Boyce-Cooley and Dana Morano of the Practice Support Team


Burkhart’s Practice Support Team provides support to doctors by answering hundreds of questions that come in through our toll free number and email. It is our pleasure to provide answers and resources—at no fee—to all of our Burkhart clients. Consider it a value-added service from Burkhart. We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions and shared some insight on those here:

Q. I’m leaving a practice as an associate to start up my own practice. Do you have any resources I can use to make sure I have my bases covered?
A. We are able to work with doctors on a number of support areas. The first thing we need to know is if this is a new build with Burkhart or an existing practice purchase. If it is a new build, we like to find out:
• Will the practice be a general or specialty practice?
• Have you owned a practice prior to this?
• Will you be doing your own hygiene to start?
• Is the practice fee for service, or will you be contracting with insurance companies?
• How many days a week will the practice be open?
• Are you actively working with a marketing firm on logos, web page and social media presence?

Support Available
Below is a list of specific areas where we can lend support. We want to find out YOUR main areas of focus and develop a “course of action” from there.
• Business Planning: Manage your cash flow, your patient experience, and develop a productive and happy team.
• Marketing: Differentiate your practice by presenting a memorable image backed-up with an exceptional patient experience.
• Operations & Leadership: Create a positive work environment with a clear vision and goals. Get best practices in place to ensure compliance.
• Communication Protocols: Provide the best possible dental care with your patients’ best interests at heart.
• New Patient Checklist: Burkhart Dental can also provide a New Practice Checklist to get you started. Ask your Equipment Specialist for this and other valuable resources.

Q. I just hired a front office person with little to no dental experience. Do you have any tools to help get her started?
A. We offer a recorded three-part webinar series, Front Office Essentials; however, our webinars assume knowledge and experience for the most part. We do recommend the purchase of Dr. Charles Blair’s Coding with Confidence book (which can be ordered through your Burkhart Equipment Coordinator). We also recommend two sets of “Dental 101” level webinars:

Dental Trade Alliance

AADOM Resources
(There are some great resources here)
We feel strongly that most practices benefit from hiring someone with dental front office experience, especially if yours is a start-up practice. If the candidate doesn’t have dental experience (or at least medical experience), you’ll need to be prepared to invest in the new employee’s education and understand the costs involved to the practice through:
• Time and productivity lost by training the new employee on your own
• Time and productivity lost by having another team member train the new hire
• Revenue lost through trial and error at the front
• Online and additional training resources for the new employee

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