Incredible Success

By Greg Biersack, Burkhart VP of Operations and Mark Beagley, Marketing Manager

Congratulations to Dr. Amanda Mayes of Silverdale, WA and her team for their incredible success with the Supply Savings Guarantee (SSG) program. A Burkhart client and part of the SSG program since 2010, Dr. Mayes’ savings in 2014 was reflected in a $30,002 supply cost reduction. In 2015, she exceeded this level by saving $33,980. Applause also to Bill Melius, Burkhart Account Manager, for his tireless efforts to save amanda.mayes.headshotDr. Mayes money and always do what is in her best interest.

Recently, we had a chance to ask Dr. Mayes some questions about the Burkhart SSG program and working with Bill.

How long have you been with Burkhart and the SSG program?
I was first introduced to Burkhart as an associate as the group practice was a Burkhart client. When I bought my own practice, I used another supplier for six months before Burkhart. We’ve been working with Bill (Melius) now for six years, always as an SSG client.

What was it that made you want to work with Burkhart?
Bill is so amazing. He always checked in to see if I was doing okay, even when I was with another supplier. He shared how he could manage our supply inventory. It’s kind of silly to hire an employee to manage the inventory, so it was just kind of a no-brainer.

What was it about the guarantee that originally caught your attention?
I didn’t know what the SSG was. Bill showed what he could save us each year—guaranteed—and that really caught my attention.

What part of the SSG do you find most valuable to you and your practice?
We don’t have to call Bill for anything—he’s always on top of it. I know I’m saving money as well as staying on top of new products and opportunities.

How does BILL help
you reach your goals
as a dentist and
business owner?
Bill is always bringing in articles, whether on practice management, CE, or competitive analysis which keep us up-to-date as a practice. He also helped me convert to digital and is really good at knowing what products are working and what new technology is available. I feel that same level of service in every part of our contact with Bill, not just the SSG. You can tell Bill cares about you as a person. He’s invested in my success.
How has the SSG
helped your staff
be more efficient?
Bill takes a lot of burden off them because they don’t have to worry about ordering supplies. They know Bill will get it done.
They just focus on taking care of the patients.

What would you say to a doctor considering the SSG program?
It’s hard to navigate supplies. We get a ton of things in the mail and a lot of sales people. It’s so nice to have someone who manages all of that for you plus have your best interests in mind.

Any final thoughts?
It’s important to pick someone with great customer service and good at finding products you need. Our entire team was very impressed when we switched to Burkhart. We’ve been so happy, and my assistants love it when Bill comes in. He’s always there to help. It’s a gift to have such a great company in our area.

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