3M Oral Care, Kois Center Collaborate To Improve Oral Wellness Through Technology, Education

Provided by 3M

As a first step, the Kois Center selected the 3M™ True Definition Scanner for its educational offerings. In addition, Kois will pioneer an advanced education course starting later this year for new digital workflows and applications utilizing the 3M True Definition Scanner.

true definition scanner

The Kois Center also announced a collaboration with Evidentiae software, a new web-based application designed to utilize accurate intraoral scan data that’s based on Kois comprehensive risk assessment and treatment-planning principles.

More from 3M: 3M Unitek creates online interactive training website “The digital technologies to this point have been primarily used by dentists as a tool to automate existing dental procedures,” said Dr. John Kois, owner and founder of the Kois Center. “The exciting opportunity for us going forward is to utilize this new technology as an intelligent analytical system to predict, plan and communicate treatment. To realize this vision, we needed an intraoral data capture system that was not only highly accurate, affordable and easy-to-use, but we also needed a partner like 3M that shares our values and vision for the future.”

“A true digital replica of the oral anatomy will be an essential component of the patient record of the future,” said Dan McMaster, global business director of 3M Digital Oral Care. “Not just because it is the starting point of most advanced dental procedures, but it is the easiest way to communicate with the patient and the most efficient way to monitor changes over time. Dr. Kois and the Kois Center have been truly visionary in understanding how to utilize the digital data to take the practice of dentistry to new levels, and we are excited to partner together with them on the most important health initiative.”

A preview of the new offering was introduced to the Kois faculty at the annual symposium on July 23 and will begin an evaluation phase with select Kois faculty during the remaining half of 2015.

For more information on the 3M True Definition Scanner, visit 3M.com/ TrueDef. For more information on the Kois Center, visit koiscenter.com

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