Enjoying the Adventure

By Elaine Dunn
Photos by Sean Holveck

Matthew Wimmer

Dr. Matthew Wimmer’s interest in dentistry developed while he was still in high school and working part-time as a lab technician for his orthodontist. Like many teenagers, he had to have braces for several years so he had some firsthand experience. After high school, Dr. Wimmer moved from his home in New Jersey to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he completed his undergraduate studies in Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University in 2004. Then he moved to Boston, Massachusetts, to attend dental school at Tufts University. After graduating, he completed a one-year oral and maxillofacial surgical residency in Detroit, Michigan, with the Veterans Hospital.

Dr. Wimmer traveled to Denver, Colorado, for vacation and to visit his brother. While there he enjoyed skiing, cycling, and climbing. He decided that, with his brother living in Denver and his parents in Arizona, moving to Denver would allow him to be closer to his family. The lifestyle seemed a perfect match for his interests—so he decided to move across the country and purchase the practice in July of 2012.

Dr. Wimmer’s practice is in a great location—a freestanding building on the corner of a very busy intersection. Inside the building there was a lot of room for improvement as the equipment was aging and the space was not as efficiently. As he thought about redesign, efficiency and use of space were at the top of his list. Dr. Wimmer said that Equipment Specialist Paul Trehus was “instrumental in getting the project done and was always there if I had a question.” He was extremely pleased with the contractor Paul recommended for the project, Jo Temmer with North Star Construction Services.

Dr. Wimmer has partnered with Burkhart for about two years and enjoys working with Account Manager Greg Castro. When referring to Greg, Dr. Wimmer said, “He is very personable and has done some great things for us.” Some of the most impactful changes with the remodel included going digital and adding a cone beam unit. Dr. Wimmer is pleased with the improved image quality and how it has helped with the team’s diagnostic skills. The practice now boasts four operatories, and Dr. Wimmer is thinking about growing the practice in the future, possibly expanding into specialty dentistry.

Staff with a patient

Dr. Wimmer is an avid cyclist and has become more dedicated to the sport since moving to Colorado, and reconnecting with a high school buddy who had also moved to Denver. His friend asked if he’d ever raced before, and Dr. Wimmer decided to give it a try. Last year he joined a local team, “Devout Racing,” and now races cross country mountain bikes and Cyclocross. This year, the office sponsored the teams and the office logo was displayed on the team jerseys.

Dr. Wimmer credits his team with making the practice successful. Many of his team members have been with the practice for a number of years, including Rosemary who has been there for about 30 years. She has seen some of the patients, now adults, since they were children. Dr. Wimmer recently hired a new associate, Dr. Laura Benesh, as his schedule was becoming extremely busy. When thinking about the kind of individual to hire, Dr. Wimmer knew he wanted someone who was outgoing, had good experience, and who would be a positive addition to the existing team.

Dr. Benesh grew up in Wisconsin where she attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and earned her undergraduate degree in Marine Biology. After graduating from Marquette University dental school, she accepted a residency program in Cincinnati, Ohio, then asked to stay on as a staff dentist. After four years there, she had the opportunity to work at a small practice in a rural community, an experience she loved. Next, Dr. Benesh joined the Army Reserve and was mobilized to Texas.  After several years in Texas, she started looking for something new. She had friends in Denver, so she decided to move there. She interviewed at several offices and was pleased when she got the call from Dr. Wimmer with a job offer. She felt that her personality was a good fit with his team.


In her free time, Dr. Benesh enjoys skiing, hiking, CrossFit workouts, and exploring all Colorado has to offer. Her proudest accomplishment so far is becoming a dentist—especially earning the patients’ trust and helping them overcome nervousness and achieve a positive outcome. When asked what advice she would give to a fourth-year student, Dr. Benesh said, “keep an open mind, do a residency program, see what there is to see, and learn as much as you can.”

Dr. Wimmer and his team members clearly share a passion for dentistry and a similar approach to patient care. They involve patients in their treatment plan and explain to them why things need to be done. They take what they do seriously, but like to have fun, too. When asked about what differentiates the practice, Dr. Wimmer said, “We want the best for our patients and treat them like family. We want to see them improve their oral health and want to help them in any way we can.”

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