Supply Savings Guarantee: Creating a Partnership

By Derek Johnson, Burkhart Branch Manager


Dr. Skip Pierce graduated from University of Washington Dental school in 1974 and opened his dental practice in the same year.  Since then, Dr. Carson Mooney, Dr. Robert Studebaker, and Dr. Lance Ritchie have joined the practice.  Although the name of the practice has changed since Dr. Pierce first opened, the exceptional care they provide is still the same.  Nelly Gomez, Office Manager, sat down with Derek Johnson, Burkhart Branch Manager, to share their experience with the Supply Savings Guarantee.

What was it that made you want to work with Burkhart?
In 2012 we were building a new office, and Burkhart asked if they could be part of the bidding process. We were extremely impressed with Burkhart’s attention to detail and their team, and decided to go with Burkhart even though we didn’t have much of a history with them. Our expectations were exceeded while working with John Elliott, Equipment Specialist, and Chad Alger, Service Technician, with both our new equipment needs and with the move of our existing equipment. Even though we were impressed with our experience we decided to keep our merchandise business with the current supplier we had used for almost 30 years.

What was it about the guarantee that originally caught your attention?
Saving money was intriguing but it was Account Manager Katey Speegle’s vision that sold us. She explained how she approaches business with her clients and that she views it as a partnership. She spent time on how much money we could save and how she would do this. This was very different from what we experienced with our other suppliers.ssg_color_logo

What part of the SSG do you find most valuable to you and your practice?
The quarterly business review meetings—we like to know where we are with our numbers. Katey also presents less expensive product options that meet our clinical standard.

How does your Burkhart Account manager help you reach your goals as a dentist and business owner?
Shortly after we started on the SSG, Katey presented PracticeView. We were reluctant at first because we had used well-known national consultants in the past but didn’t see much of a return on investment. We decided to go through PracticeView because there was no cost and we were hopeful we would get insight on some areas of concern. Not only were we amazed with the initial information and direction we were provided, Practice Support Team’s on-going support has been greatly beneficial to our practice. This is another example to us of how Burkhart Dental is a partner in the success of our business.

How has the SSG helped your business?
First and foremost, it has saved us money by lowering our overhead dental percent. It has also added a level of transparency and accountability to our merchandise ordering.

How has the SSG helped your staff be more efficient?
Katey is very organized and has implemented new systems for ordering supplies. This has kept our inventory to a minimum.

What would you say to a doctor considering the SSG program?
Take a chance and do it. You have nothing to lose. It started with just the numbers but we have benefited in so many other areas.

Do you have any final thoughts?
Partnership. Katey is part of the staff. She cares about our practice’s success. Between rebate checks, free goods, and inventory control, she is looking out for our best interests. We trust her decisions are for our benefit and not for her benefit.

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