An Electric Relationship with KaVo

By Christopher C. LeCuyer, DDS


Many changes occur during the course of a 30-year practice. But, as a clinician, I want certain important things to stay the same. As a general dentist, my handpiece is an extension of my own hand. It is for that reason, and many others, that my handpieces are always KaVo. When I first started my Seattle-based practice, I used another brand, but switched to KaVo air turbines very early because of the improved torque. Now I use KaVo electric handpieces high speed/low speed for a variety of reasons.

KaVo air-driven handpieces are dependable, and they are still used in our hygiene areas. Electric handpieces are used in restorative areas because of the improved torque and quietness. Having electric handpieces impacts my ability to practice more effectively. Electric handpieces run at a more consistent torque, so I can be more efficient, tooth preparations can be more precise, and I can perform dental procedures more quickly. I can run the handpiece at my preferred RPM, and it won’t slow down due to the air turbine being bogged down with the increased load. Also, KaVo has noted that the higher, more constant torque can also reduce a dentist’s wrist and hand stress. I always appreciate that.

Another greatly appreciated aspect of the electric handpiece is the noise reduction. The office is much quieter without the high speed whine of an air turbine. The new brushless motor was a very helpful development. We have not experienced any maintenance issues at all since the handpieces became brushless. Before that, the brushes would have to be replaced periodically. When the handpieces do require factory modifications, upgrades, or repairs, they are returned in a timely manner at a fair cost.

With eight operatories in our office, we currently have about ten KaVo handpieces, enough to keep us on schedule with patients while some handpieces are sterilizing. But, our practice is still evolving and expanding, and our KaVo handpiece collection is growing along with us. I am excited to say that we are building two new operatories and will soon add two of the latest model KaVo electric handpieces. The KaVo Master Series has a unique gear system, is quiet and has low-vibration, and is extremely durable. It has a 1:5 transmission for the highest power on the tooth and a maximum operating speed of 200,000 rpm. This will allow me to be more productive and makes dentistry much easier.

All of these solid, well-built, dependable, and durable handpieces need maintenance, just like any other handpiece, and for that we use the KaVo QUATTROcare Plus. According to KaVo, more than 70 percent of all handpiece failures are due to insufficient maintenance. For this reason, we religiously use the QUATTROcare Plus system per manufacturer’s directions every time we use handpieces. It is consistent, efficient, and can accommodate up to four handpieces in one cycle. It automatically cleans, purges, and lubricates the handpiece, and all the assistant has to do is push a button! The programming of this unit is flexible, as we can choose and set the total cycle time from 15-40 seconds per handpiece. I believe this is one of the reasons why we have had virtually no maintenance problems with our handpieces. Sterilizing is hard on handpieces, so this is a welcome way to eliminate mishandling or insufficient care or maintenance.

Over the years, as a KaVo customer, I have received phenomenal customer service. Burkhart Equipment Representative Steve Stimson and I have worked together for 25 years. He first recommended that I explore Kavo handpieces back in the 1980s, and I purchased them on his recommendation. Years later, he and I discussed the solid, well-built electric handpiece, and he piqued my interest. He brought over a demo; I tried it, and loved it. I appreciate that he does his research very efficiently, so when he recommends a product, it is usually a winner.

Having an electric handpiece from KaVo is like driving a Tesla — nice and smooth. Want to try a test drive? KaVo has a program called that allows dentists to try their handpieces free of charge for five days. You can just select a handpiece from the website, try it, and return it, or if you like it like I do, buy it! This is a great way to try out these handpieces that I consider the best on the market for operation, reliability and low maintenance.

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