PracticeView: How Does Your Practice Stack Up?

By Kathy Edwards, RDH

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Net income for dentists started to decline in response to the economic climate in 2007 and has remained flat since—even though the economy started picking up in 2009, and surpassed 2006 levels by 2012. Yet here we are in 2015 watching dentists face an ever-changing and evolving business environment and finding themselves working harder with less profitability. Increased competition, overhead, and PPO participation are just a few of the challenges that keep dental profits flatlining. On the bright side, our experience indicates that key systems within each practice can be incorporated or modified to improve the bottom line, even with the above-mentioned challenges. Enter Burkhart’s Practice Support Team—we’re here to help level the playing field, with the rest of your Burkhart team! Burkhart offers complimentary “PracticeViews” to doctors that want to explore their practice systems and protocols with the intent of uncovering lost profits, improving systems, and enhancing the patient experience. It is part of our commitment to provide an exceptional client experience. Our complimentary support services are geared to help you reach your goals and jump-start that flatline!

PracticeView Basics:
• An overview of how your practice stacks up when compared to
“best practice” models
• An in-depth analysis of the numbers
in your practice—from overhead, to new patient flow, to hygiene department profitability
• A review of existing equipment and technology in the practice, as well
as forecasts for maintenance
• A comprehensive binder that details our team’s reports, recommendations, and resources
• One-on-one time with the professional practice consultant via Skype, FaceTime, or phone
• Consideration of your philosophy and vision, with steps to reach those goals
• Verbal scripting, forms, compliance issues, fees and coding, team morale, compensation issues, and business principle training and planning for an associate are just some of the  areas addressed
• Ongoing coaching support for you and your staff through phone calls, emails, and webinars
• Did we mention this is all at NO FEE as a value-added service for our Burkhart clients?

We have helped many practices through this unique offering, and we love doing it! It’s rewarding to uncover small changes that have the capacity to provide big impacts for the practices we support. According to Dr. McManus, as published in Practice Booster, “the ADEA’s 2013 survey of graduating seniors revealed that, out of 23 distinct areas of instruction in the dental curriculum, the student’s perspective was that practice management was the second most inadequate topic covered. With so much to learn in different disciplines, practice management has been on the short end of the stick for decades.” Burkhart’s Practice Support Team addresses this deficit by providing practice management tools in a structured, comprehensive and written format to contribute to the success of each individual client we are fortunate to work with.

Read some of the experiences past clients have reported after completing
a PracticeView:

“You and your Burkhart Practice Support team have been helpful, knowledgeable, informative, and a great support for our office. I appreciate our talks and your follow-ups. Thank you! Thank you!”
— Nelly, Office Manager,
Summit Dental Group, Idaho

“The PracticeView analysis of my practice really highlighted some weak points in my practice growth plan. I was completely unaware of how low my fee schedule was and the feedback I received gave me great strategies for adjusting my fee schedule to maximize current and future collections. I was also given valuable insight on some insurance billing strategies that I didn’t know. With a few simple changes, we are now able to increase revenue significantly. In addition, the general practice tips I received helped me get new insight on how patients may be experiencing our office and helped me make some necessary changes to create a better work environment for staff.
—Dr. Sheila Farahani, San Jose, California

The members of the Practice Support Team are passionate about providing resources, tips and tricks, and sound business and best practice guidance—and sometimes an empathetic ear for our doctors that are facing challenges and need a sounding board or a different perspective as they work through problem-solving options.

Katey Speegle, one of our Account Managers in Idaho, routinely refers her clients to the Practice Support Team for full PracticeViews as well as help with individual practice challenges:

“I love the PracticeView program. Customers almost always ask how we as a company can provide such a valuable service at no charge. I tell them Burkhart sees the value in helping to build our customers’ practices. It is the right way to do business. In almost every case, the PracticeView program has brought me closer to the client that I have provided this service for. It gives them invaluable information and cements my relationship with them. It also helps me to understand their goals and how I can best support their practice. During a recent PracticeView, I had a customer share they felt the information provided was better than what they had paid another large consulting firm for and was not as ‘cookie-cutter,’ but more customized. Great program!”

How to participate:
• Contact your Burkhart Account Manager to get started
• The Discovery meeting lasts approximately one hour, with an opportunity for you to share your objectives, history, goals, and concerns with the PracticeView team
• Specific reports will be requested for a Practice Support Team Member
to start an analysis
• A second meeting will take place to review the findings and put together action items
• It doesn’t stop there—your Account Manager, Equipment Specialist, Service Technician, and Practice Support Team are on board to support those action items through providing resources, staff training, webinars, and ongoing support

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