Supply Savings Guarantee: Part of the Family

Dr. Pickett and his Burkhart Account Manager Susan Carter

Dr. Pickett and his Burkhart Account Manager Susan Carter

Dr. Victor Pickett graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in 1979. Soon after, he opened Southwest Dental in Taylorsville, Utah and has been in the same location ever since—nearly 36 years! He sat down with his Burkhart Account Manager, Susan Carter, and talked about the success he has found with the Supply Savings Guarantee.

What was it that made you want to work with Burkhart?
I was invited by my lab technician to attend a 3M True Definition Digital Scanner event at the Burkhart branch in Salt Lake City, Utah. While in attendance I wandered around the showroom floor and spotted a Pelton & Crane chair. I wasn’t familiar with Burkhart and didn’t know they sold equipment. I had just purchased a Pelton chair only weeks
prior and curiously asked how much it costs. Surprisingly, it was significantly less than what I had just spent on the Pelton & Crane chair for my office. I was equally impressed with the Burkhart staff and was eager to learn more.

What was it about the guarantee that originally caught your attention?
My Account Manager, Susan Carter, and Branch Manager, Sam Goodrich, invited my staff and me out to lunch to share Burkhart’s philosophy with us. They shared the “What a Great Supply Rep Does” presentation with my team and handed out gifts with a promise to reduce my overall costs. The lunch was a lot of fun and very informative.

My previous suppliers, Schein and Patterson, with whom I had done business for over 25 years, had never given my staff anything, nor had anyone ever promised to watch my spending and guarantee I would spend less on supplies. We have a large practice and had been spending about $20,000 per month on supplies. I realized that if Burkhart could do what they were promising to do then I would save a significant amount of money.

What part of the SSG did you find most valuable to you and your practice?
I like knowing what percentage of my production is being spent on supplies. When we started working with Burkhart, we discovered that our percentage was 7.7 percent. After three quarters on the guarantee, we are spending nearly two percent less.

I like that Susan shares the numbers with my partners and me every quarter. We have never had accountability like that before.

How does your Burkhart account manager help you reach your goals as a dentist and business owner?
Susan continually suggests products that save our practice money without compromising quality. Susan is always looking for ways we can be more efficient without my staff or I having to ask. She even orders non-Burkhart products for us so my assistants can spend more time chair-side with my patients. Spending time on the phone ordering products can take a lot of time. We trust Susan to take care of all of our ordering for us.

How has the SSG helped your business?
We just completed our first 12 months on the Supply Saving Guarantee program. By working with Susan and Burkhart, we saved $66,801.00 and reduced our overhead by almost 2%. We also took advantage of nearly $22,000.00 in free merchandise through promotions and coupons Susan processed for us.

How has the SSG helped your staff be more efficient?
Susan has implemented a tag system to keep track of our inventory. We very seldom run out of products like we did in the past. I have a very busy office with a lot of employees. In previous years it has been difficult to keep track of products we were running low on. That rarely happens now. Susan also keeps track of our products ordered direct with other companies.

In what ways does your Burkhart account manager help you and your team?
There are many ways Susan and Burkhart have helped our team. Susan introduced us to the Burkhart service team who we now use to take care of our repairs at a discounted rate because we are SS G customers. Susan keeps us up to date on the latest products and equipment. The whole team at Burkhart is a pleasure to work with.

What would you say to a doctor considering the SSG program?
You really need to give Burkhart a try. They become part of the family, and they’ll care about your practice as much as you do. You’ll look forward to seeing your rep because they will be there to help you, not to just sell supplies.

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