Do you have a Location Strategy?

location strategy

Dentistry has become more competitive than ever in recent years.  Dental Economics, McGill Advisory, DentalTown, and many highly respected dental consultants are recommending that a spotlight be turned on having a location strategy that supports your marketing efforts as well as your business goals.  In order to arm your practice with a competitive edge, you’ll want to take a look at not only the demographics around your practice, but also complete a Competition Analysis, measure the future growth potential of your area, analyze drive time dispersal of your existing patients, as well as find the neighborhoods you want to target with your marketing efforts.  You may not have had to analyze these areas years ago, but with stiffening competition comes a need for proactive strategy, not a reactive response.  This perspective serves all practices, whether you are contemplating a start up, have an existing practice, or are looking to buy additional practices or sell.  The data provides an outstanding, cost effective and efficient resource for dentists.  In our over 20 years of consulting, we’ve been asked repeatedly for resources that provide location data that is accurate, understandable and affordable.   We’ve never had a reliable resource, until now!

REALscore is able to provide this data through their website, allowing dentists and their advisers’ access to location information to make informed business decisions.  The site has Google maps functionality, utilizes census block data (not zip codes which when used decreases accuracy of the information), includes customer specified radius and drive time queries along with growth forecast data.  In addition, Core Reports and Consulting Services are available to support your location strategy.   We encourage you to talk with your Account Manager or Equipment Specialist about this valuable tool.  More information can also be found at

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