Building Bridges: Dr. Michael Copp in Coronado Island, CA

By Greg Biersack
Photos by Joanna Herr

Dr. Mike Copp_Oct2014_ 015

Coronado Island is exactly what you would imagine: an idyllic setting circumscribed by blue water and linked to its big city sister, San Diego, by the slimmest of bridges and causeways. As an island it offers escape, a place set apart for refreshment or reflection, and a destination different from the ordinary. Island residents treasure these aspects of island living, but know effort is needed to avoid isolation.

For a general dentist whose heart and soul is grounded in caring for Coronado’s island community, Dr. Michael Copp found invigorating change when his Burkhart Account Manager, Ryan Burger, planted a seed as to how to incorporate some changes in his existing practice, first with the building of a new office space and then expand the scope of his practice to include Dr. Andrew Chapokas, a board-certified periodontist and prosthodontist. Dr. Copp and Dr. Chapokas share their story with Greg Biersack, Burkhart’s Vice President of Operation, and tell how a new type of bridge was built to serve Coronado’s residents.

To read the full article, click here.

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