How do you make your patient experience stellar?


Implement these 5 and leave a lasting positive impact on patients that will make your practice “referral worthy”.

1) Make it Personal – Get in the habit of using the patient’s name during conversations; learn at least one personal fact about each patient.

2) See your Patients on Time- brainstorm the culprits that keep you from doing this.  Is there not enough time allotted in the schedule, are there emergencies squeezed in, are you adding tx in the chair, is there a back-up in sterilization?  Track the source of the challenge and work to fix it.

3) Make follow-up calls to Patients after Treatment- We’ve said it before however, it bears repeating.  Look at positive online reviews from other practices- this has a tremendous positive impact on patients.

4) Start with the Telephone – when they call in to the practice, how is the phone answered?  Do they feel the warmth- or do they feel like a number?  Try calling in to your practice from an anonymous number.  What impression are you left with?

5) Stay in Touch with Patients between Visits.  Engage them with your Facebook page, send them a Birthday card, start an e-newsletter J.  If you’re not sure how to wow them, ask them using a survey tool!

These are the kind of things patients judge, evaluate, and talk about – not your crown margins. Surpassing your patients’ expectations can be difficult, but achieving the “WOW” factor leaves an impression long after the patient has left your office.

How do you WOW your patients and provide a referral worthy experience?


  1. Greg Rehms says:

    As a patient, I’m happy to say that describes my dentist! He takes the TIME to be personal. He gives me the impression that I’m the only one that matters!

    As an employee of Burkhart, and a service technician, it is always my goal to address my customers by their name in conversation. During these conversations, I look for opportunities to share part of myself with them. It’s amazing how this invites one to respond in a like manner. Taking time to engage in conversation, over time, causes walls to break down and relationships to form. The end result? A satisfying and rewarding experience for all involved.

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