It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish!

assistant in front office

Before you move on to setting goals for the new year, there’s still time to meet or exceed your goals for this year. Commit to these four areas and you’ll be wondering what you were waiting for…

Benefits: Inform every patient of their remaining yearly insurance benefit, and help them take advantage of it. Many patients are not aware of the “use it or lose it” insurance strategy.

Accounts Receivable: What if the amount in your “over 90 day” category could be converted to your “collections” report? Clean up those old AR’s by dedicating some time to following your AR protocol (contact the Practice Support Team if you need a flow chart for this process).

Never Scheduled: Contact those patients who were truly interested in scheduling treatment, but never booked their appointment. They will appreciate the reminder, and be impressed with your follow-up skills!

Give It Your All: Now is the time to pour on the motivation and determination. Do not make the mistake of settling and slowing down the pace. How great will it feel to meet the goals you set one year ago?

Start planning your celebration!

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