Staff Performance Reviews: The Benefits and the, “How To”

Staff Performance Reviews

Many doctors dread annual performance review time, but it doesn’t have to be that way! As you set goals for the new year, it will be imperative to enlist the help of your team to meet those objectives.  Individual time with each team member will allow you both the opportunity to strategize on how each person can contribute as well as clarify your expectations.   A few of the benefits of an annual performance review include:

  • Your individual time tells them they matter and you are invested in their success!
  • Gives you an opportunity to clarify expectations and remove challenges for your staff to meet those expectations
  • Improve productivity and morale
  • Facilitate goal setting and planning
  • Review job descriptions and amend if necessary

Effective leaders learn to motivate their employees.  Studies show top performers are more motivated through recognition of their talent, opportunities for greater challenges and increased roles with greater latitude and authority than with monetary rewards.  One-hour of your time seems a small price to pay for the rewards found with a properly motivated, happy employee!

The, “How To” to conduct an effective staff performance review:

Allow each team member to complete a self-evaluation that is handed into you a week prior to their evaluation time. Surprise the team member with a review they haven’t had time to plan for or prepare thoughtful goals and feedback.
Use a performance review form that evaluates technical skills, dependability, approachability, teamwork, judgment, professionalism and initiative. Expect changes that aren’t identified in writing.  Your employees will gain more traction in meeting goals if they can reflect on the meeting at a later time.
Focus on future goals on contributions. Focus on past indiscretions; ideally those are dealt with throughout the year as they present themselves.
Allow enough time, ideally one hour. Try to squeeze time in before a scheduled patient; you will likely lose the most valuable part of the review – goal setting.
Emphasize the objective is a performance review and not a salary review.  Make sure they understand the salary review will be scheduled at another time. Tie performance and salary reviews together, it changes the focus and diminishes your ability to plan and set goals.
Focus on each person individually. Allow the team member to discuss other team members (this is time for individual goal planning).

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