Burkhart Visits Adec for a VIP Trip

Suzanne McKay and Lee Palmer from our Houston branch both shared a truly remarkable experience at Adec on a VIP trip.

On July 31st both Suzanne and Lee set out with Dr. Gowan and Leslie Deviller by flight from Houston to Portland OR.Dr. Gowan

Dr. Gowan is building a brand new office in a new location with eight rooms. Back in February of this year Suzanne identified Dr. Gowan’s needs and immediately introduced him to Lee Palmer.

Dr. Gowan and Leslie were able to see the craftsmanship in Adec’s equipment as well as learn about the family history of Adec.  The weight of a large investment was suddenly a little lighter once Dr. Gowan realized the continued support that both Adec customer service and Burkhart provided. There, away from everything, a deeper appreciation of the client relationship was experienced. Suzanne and Lee met Dr. Gowan’s expectations while continuing to deliver the trust and loyalty that he has grown accustomed to. 

Lee Palmer and Ryan Carl

Dr. Gowan signed his proposal on August 15th after returning from Adec and his new office build will start January 2015.

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