Improve Quality Through Standardization

By Dawn Christodoulou, President, XLDent


Recently, XLDent created a new tool to help offices maximize workflows and establish consistent use patterns in the world of the Electronic Dental Record.  We set aside resources to create an EDR Toolkit for our user group because we recognized there was a tremendous need and severe gap in the consistency, quality and quantity of stored digital data.

One reason for differences in the quantity and quality of stored data elements is the lack of a dental charting standard.  This became clear to us after participating in ADA SCDI Working Group 11.1.  XLDent is co-chair of the group that the ADA has tasked with the job of writing an implementation guide for SCDI Standard Number 1067, EDR Functional Requirements.  This is the standard that outlines requirements for the electronic dental record – or dental chart.   It is very apparent that even though dental practices have been digitizing data for years, there remains a great deal of data storage inconsistency. The task group is focused on standards that would allow for the exchange of electronic data between dental practices utilizing various Practice Management Systems.  But the problem really begins with data inconsistencies within the common database in the same dental office!

To read the full article, click here.

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