The most important question for any business

woman visiting dentist

Many of us know that having your patients complete a satisfaction survey can be a great way to figure out what is going well and what needs improvement in your business. However, they can be time-consuming and as a result, the surveys aren’t always completed.

Recent research by Bain and Company has shown that there is ONE question that can tell a business owner more than all of the other questions combined! That question is…..

“What is the likelihood that you would recommend our business to a friend or colleague?”
Respondents are asked to rank this on a scale of zero to ten, ten being “extremely likely” that they would refer your practice to zero meaning “not at all likely.” Based on the results of this question, a “Net Promoter Score” is calculated.

Interestingly enough– according to the research, only scores of nine or ten are considered to be a positive response – only these people would be considered a “promoter” of your practice. A score of seven or eight is “passive” (someone who is satisfied but not enthusiastic) and zero through six is a “detractor.”

The “Net Promoter Score” is determined by taking the percentage of promoters and subtracting the percentage of detractors.  This diagram may help clarify:.


The average business has an NPS of 5-10%!   Many businesses have negative Net Promoter Scores, creating more detractors than promoters every day.  How do you put this information into action?  As a first step, always remember  that the ultimate measure of your long-term practice success is making your patients feel that they would be confident enough to refer your practice to a friend or colleague. Next, think about what you and your team are doing to make them feel that way.

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