A New Journey: Dr. Lisa Newkirk of Island Family Dental

Q1 2014 Feature

By Elaine Dunn
Photos By AJC Photography

The temperature in Vancouver, Washington, was sitting just above freezing, so a trip to the islands is a welcome change! Dr. Lisa Newkirk and her husband Norman, of Island Family Dental, warmly greet their patients, making them feel welcome and comfortable. The office itself is stunning, with the feel of an island oasis. The colors are warm and inviting, palm tree candle sconces grace the lobby wall, and a bamboo “palm tree” lighting feature is the focal point in the main lobby. It’s located right next to the front desk and patients pass under its “fronds” when they are called back for their treatment. Every detail is evidence of Dr. Newkirk’s desire to make her practice a place where patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

Beyond the front desk, the hallways are painted in vibrant colors reminiscent of island-style décor. Dr. Newkirk has placed beautiful ceiling tiles with images of blue skies and white, fluffy clouds to help patients focus on relaxing while they are receiving treatment. Additionally, each chair is equipped with a massage feature the patient may use if desired. It would not be surprising to hear someone say “Welcome to Fantasy Island!”

To read the full article, click here.

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