Memories That Build a Culture


Burkhart is celebrating 125 Years which got us reminiscing on our time here at Burkhart. We thought that sharing some of our fondest Burkhart memories would be a great way to celebrate! Please enjoy our stories from some of our most tenured Burkhart associates!

 “Some of my fondest memories are when we see a long-time Burkhart associate retire.  It is inspiring to see the many years they have contributed to the success of Burkhart, the rewards and enjoyment they have received along the way, and the appreciation shown to them by the Burkhart family.”

Jerry Ritsema, Branch Manager
12 ½ years of service
Tacoma, WA

“One (memory) that stands out is when we were on Center Street in the 80’s and sales were not great because of the economy. There had not been any bonus or pay raises for a few years and Perry Burkhart, Sr. gave every one a hundred dollar bill for the December holidays out of his own money.”

Kathy Sims, Customer Service Representative
38 years of service
Tacoma, WA

“My fondest memories are of the Fall Focus meetings we have had at the SeaTac Hilton.  All of our Account Managers, Equipment Specialists, and Managers receive training on products that will help our doctors be more successful.  This time together has allowed me the opportunity to build strong relationships with associates in other branches that I may not have without these meetings.”

David Wolkenhauer, Branch Manager
16 years of service
Spokane, WA

“My fondest memory at Burkhart was watching Becky Burris win the Women’s Free Throw contest during March Madness this year.”

Ron DeLaura, Director if IT
34 years of service
Tacoma, WA

“After Burkhart hit $100M in sales for the first time, Perry Jr. offered a gesture most will never forget. As a thank-you to the associates, Perry personally presented each of us with a crisp one hundred dollar bill. That expression of appreciation, simple in its elegance, symbolic of our achievement, genuine and heart-felt in its delivery, still resonates with me.”

Robb Marshall, Purchasing Manager
19 years of service
Tacoma, WA

If you have a fond Burkhart memory, we would love to hear it! Share with us a fun story about Burkhart in our comment section.

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