Oklahoma Mission of Mercy


(L-R) Bret Leach, George Reed, Jason Corbin& Chris Luksa

February 1st & 2nd, the Burkhart Oklahoma City & Tulsa Branches combined forces to support Oklahoma Mission of Mercy (OKMOM) which was held at The Coliseum in Lawton, Oklahoma.

In two days, the OKMOM participants treated 1,786 patients providing more than $1.1 million in donated dental services which worked out to be about $619 per patient.  This two-day clinic is designed to meet the critical needs of dental patients of all ages by providing free dental care to as many adults and children as time, volunteers and supplies will allow.

OKMOM-George Storeroom

George Reed manages supplies.

A big thank you to the Burkhart Associates who helped with this event:

Oklahoma City Branch

  • Kieth Thomas, Service Technician
  • Lynn Fulks, Service Technician
  • Krystle James, Account Manager
  • Chris Luksa, Account Manager
  • Bret Leach, OKC Branch Manager

Tulsa Branch

  • Jason Corbin, Account Manager
  • George Reed, Tulsa Branch Manager

Since 2010, OKMOM has treated 7,525 patients equaling $4,156, 073 in donated services.


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