Wish You Had More Time for Patients?

Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a purchasing department to order the products your office needs to care for patients-one that would allow you to stay focused on patient care or communication with team members?  When an office sources its inventory from a large number of suppliers, not only is staff time taken away from creating great patient experiences and filling openings in the clinical schedules, additional costs can really add up. Think about the multiple shipment costs from multiple sources, the time you spend resolving shipping errors or the headaches in reviewing multiple invoices. Sometimes it’s not that bad. But when it is, it’s a real chore and it keeps you from being able to spend time caring for your patients.

We know that running a thriving dental practice takes a lot of work.  We’re committed to helping practices become more efficient, productive, and successful. That is why we created the Keep Inventory Sourcing Simple: Cross Reference Guide. By providing you with some great products from manufacturers that we work with, we hope you’ll find ordering, shipping and reconciling a lot easier. This guide will help you to consolidate ordering by quickly identifying some of the many top-rated products available from Burkhart that equal or exceed the performance and value of products you currently get from other sources.

You’ll have fewer:

  • suppliers to juggle
  • hours spent managing inventory and ordering
  • boxes to unpack and dispose of
  • invoices/statements to track, reconcile and pay
  • shipping charges and errors to resolve

And more:

  • time for your patients
  • focus on filling holes in the clinical schedules
  • simplicity in your office processes

Streamline your work and redirect focus to your patients and schedule, the lifeblood of your practice. Contact your Burkhart Account Manager to get a copy of your KISS: Cross Reference Guide to help you on your way to making life at your office a little easier.

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