Shannon Bruil lays out Service Call ECE plan

At the Service Conference in Las Vegas, Shannon Bruil did a great job laying out the plan for the Service Call Exceptional Client Experience.   First he shared about the team he built for the project and the process that they went through.  Through several teleconferences and a meeting in Tacoma, they were able to map out the entire service call and brainstorm ways that it could be a consistent exceptional experience for our clients.  At the conference Shannon discussed:

1. The call into the Service Coordinator and problem assessment

2.  Pre- planning the call to ensure to ensure the technician is ready with the right information and right parts

3.  The importance of looking our best

4. Communication in/with the dental office – at the beginning, during and at the end of the call

5. Account manager and Service Technician coordination and communication

6.  Understanding the clients’ needs

The overall theme of the Service Call ECE: Right place/ Right time/ Right tools/ Right parts/ Right attitude

Shannon will be working to roll out elements of the ECE over the next 2 years

Thanks to Shannon and his ECE team.

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