The New Las Vegas Branch is Under Construction!

It has been a long time coming, but the Brand New Las Vegas Branch is finally under construction!  For those not familiar with the current Las Vegas location, it is located in an industrial area directly under the McCarran Airport flight path.  It gets pretty loud with all the planes flying in overhead.  One can only imagine sitting under the 8th busiest airport in the world, with 51 air carriers and 980+ flights a day!  Yes it can be a bit crazy, especially on Fridays.

With the plane challenge, we also had a challenge with the facility.  Here is the front entrance.

Not a bad entrance, but once you walk into the office, you immediately walk into the conference room area.

Unfortunately, there is hardly any privacy when it comes to sales meetings or service meetings.  From time to time, reps would walk in and see everything that was going on during our meetings.  Then immediately to the left you are greeted by the receptionist.

Wait, I thought they tore down the Berlin Wall in 1989?  Isn’t the Great Wall of China in China?  Can the astronauts see this in space?  No one told me they moved Superman’s Fortress of Solitude to Las Vegas?  Either way, this was one of the challenges just by walking into the office.  As we continue the tour, we walk into our Equipment Specialist’s office.

And our showroom

The 80’s called, they want their Thomas Guide, Game boy (with Tetris), and that T.V. back.  Thank you.  That is not even the best part.  The best part of the office has to be the “half wall” constructed for no apparent reason?

I could go into more detail about the rest of the office, but you get the picture.  I poke fun a lot about this office, but it has served it’s purpose and we are ready to move on to bigger and better things.  This old office is about 3,200 sq feet.  We are moving to a brand new facility with almost 6,000 sq feet.  Here is the front of our new office.

The front entrance is to the left and the showroom will be facing out the windows to the right.  Here is the back of the office with a drive up garage and 2 loading bays.

The construction company currently has up the frames and is working on the ventilation system in the office.  As of 06.04.2012, this is what they have done.  reception area and Branch Manager office.

Full view of the lobby, ES office and the new Conference Room.

The Showroom area.

I will be posting throughout the construction to keep everyone up on the progress.  We are excited about this new office and great things are happening down here in Las Vegas!


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