Grand Opening – Irving DC – June 1, 2012

We had another successful day of order processing and celebrated at lunch time with a fabulous catered lunch (thanks to Kristen Corscadden!) and ribbon cutting ceremony.

I have been so honored to be a part of this very hard working team for the past month.  This group has really sacrificed their personal lives for Burkhart during this transition, and we are lucky to have them.  The team as pictured above from left to right is:

Armando Soto
Tina Coronado
Marti Ashley
Michael Baxter
Paul Avila
Heath Hollis
Dion Langley
Jesse Marroquin
James Corbell
Chris Barnette
Jim Burgess
Judi Griffin
Jim Trotter

There are a lot of people that really supported this effort and led to its success.  Please indulge me while I acknowledge a few of them:

–The Lakewood and Reno DC Associates for filling all of the Dallas merchandise orders for almost two weeks.

–Tyler Spitzer (CSR/Merchandise), Odette O’Larey (CSR/HRC) and Patrick Kelley (HRC) for spending a lot of time at the Lakewood DC assisting with the increase in order filling.  You guys rock!

–Michael Baxter, Corporate DC Manager, for your enthusiam in drawing and re-drawing the floor plan design about 100 times as we worked through all of our ideas.  Your energy and excitement for warehousing is an inspiration.  Your knowledge and advice has also kept me from disaster on several occasions during this process.

–Robb Marshall, Purchasing Manager, for handling that crazy bunch of Customer Service Reps while I was gone.  I hope you will continue making their Thirsty Thursday Starbucks run each week 😉

–Shannon Bruil, Director of Technical Services, for accepting the Handpiece Repair Center back under your wing during my absence.  No tag backs this time – promise!

–Heath Hollis, PC Specialist, for his expertise in distribution centers, lift equipment, and information technology.  Your willingness to help in every area – including yellow tape lines – was so appreciated.

–Programmer Matthew Van Amburg and IT Systems Manager Bryce Kerker for spending a lot of time here making sure that all of our technical systems were running optimally.

–Programmer William Kung and Director of IT Ron DeLaura for working on this project from Tacoma to make sure that our orders went where they were supposed to when they were supposed to.  Your support at all hours was great!

–The IT Help Desk at Corporate for continuing to take my calls.  Your patience is phenomenal.

–Greg Biersack, Vice President of Operations, for your keen insight into the strategy for implementing this project.  Your leadership in setting up this project for success was admirable.  As a fellow warehouse geek, I also really appreciate your passion for design and functionality.

–Marti Ashley, Irving DC Manager, for allowing me to join your team for the past month.  Your willingness to share this process and graciousness when I did make mistakes was heart warming.  I can’t thank you enough for being my partner on this project.

–Madilyn Barnette, baby, for waiting until after our move to arrive.  We couldn’t have done this without your dad – Order Fulfillment Supervisor, Chris Barnette.  He took over the responsibility for the bulk product moves and was the reason that we were able to ship our bulk orders out of the Irving DC from day 1 with zero inconvenience to our customers.

–Bob “I got this” Starr and the team at Automation Dynamics.  You are masters of all things conveyor and carousel.  I bow down to your expertise.

–Alan DeYoung and the team at Warehouse Equipment Solutions.  I am truly grateful that one of your four areas of expertise is warehouse racking.

–Devoted Blog Readers for following this project and continuously sending your support and funny comments.  I am so happy that people were interested in hearing about our progress each day.

It took a lot of people to make this project succeed. Many more of you helped in other ways each day. My thanks to all of you!

In addition to our grand opening lunch, we had a few other things going on today.

Michael Baxter, Corporate DC Manager, arrived today to spend a few days at the new DC.  He was pleased to see his photo in a place of honor in Marti’s new office.  Who knew that warehouse people had a sense of humor?

Heath Hollis was so happy with the installation of his new yellow tape line that he spent the rest of the day with it until he had to go to the airport.  Thanks for the help with the tape today!

Jim Burgess volunteered to stay late to paint the decking on our carousel picking area.

What else can I say? There are a few more things to wrap up here, but I got my commemorative t-shirt and will be heading home next week.  So long Texas… hello Washington!

Note to Todd:  Maybe we should write a blog for our home remodeling project this summer.  I am envisioning awesome photos of our new septic system.  Please dust off the espresso maker.  I will be home on Wednesday.

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