1 Day to Go – We are back in business!

The Irving DC is officially back in business with one day to spare.  All of the orders were routed normally to us and we were able to ship them all – 100% complete.

We had forgotten what it was like to have this volume of orders.  We are grateful to the associates at the Lakewood and Reno Distribution Centers that have been shipping all of our orders – on top of their normal orders – during this period of transition.  Thanks also go out to Odette O’Larey, Tyler Spitzer, and Patrick Kelley for helping the team in the Lakewood DC.  We couldn’t have done it with out you all!

We still have a lot of receiving to catch up on, and that will be some of the focus tomorrow.  The other big thing happening tomorrow is our grand opening celebration.  We have a catered lunch planned and have invited the branch and all of the folks that helped us on this project.  It should be a lot of fun to show off our completed facility.  In preparation for our big day, we had a cleaning crew come in to shine everything up.  The was necessary because, as my Texas friend Alan said, “We kind of knocked the new off of it.”  I am so thrilled to be able to provide you with more photos of our nice clean floors.

Heath Hollis and I also put up some Burkhart logos.  It was time to put our name on the place.

Heath and I have been marveling at the wacky weather we have been experiencing since we have been in Texas.  We are used to a lot of rain, but not when it is 90 degrees.  Heath has been honing his lightning timing skills and was able to catch this lightning strike from his hotel last night.

Our friends from Automation Dynamics also stopped by to put some finishing touches on the carousels and conveyors.  We wanted to be able to get in between the two conveyor lines so that we could reload our Ranpak packing material machines.  Those clever lads at Automation Dynamics figured out how to put a section of the conveyor on skates so that we could roll it in and out as needed.

Note to Bob Starr at Automation Dynamics:  You officially got this.  You and your team did a great job.  We couldn’t be happier.  Our conveyors are the coolest!

I know that I have been telling you about our conveyors, but you have to see them to believe it.  They are amazingly quiet.  See for yourself:


The Dallas branch service department also moved into a section of our warehouse today.  They will be working out of these temporary quarters until their new offices are complete.


  1. Lori Isbell says:

    You are all amazing!!! Thank you so much for your hard work through weekends, long hours and all! Thank you for delivering on time (Early) and with such precision! You are an amazing team that has helped our company take care of our clients and do it in a cost-effective way!

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