2 Days to Go – Our UPS driver is glad to see us back in business.

We shipped out all of the orders for our Tulsa and Oklahoma City branches today without a hitch!  What a great feeling of accomplishment for everyone in the DC.

You know who was really glad to see us shipping again?  This guy…

We are a major customer of UPS in this area and can normally fill up a trailer for them each night.  They have felt our absence and were glad to see packages starting to come their way again.

We started out the day by rolling out the red carpet – actually a black mat.  We bought these cushy new mats for all of the work station areas and they really make a difference.  They are appropriately named “Hog Heaven” mats – think of the warehouse version of Tempur-Pedic.

It was great to see everyone operating in their normal jobs without any major difficulties.

We are going to go to our regular shipping schedule – shipping to all of our branches – tomorrow.  That is one day earlier than we had planned.  We may have to leave a small amount of the orders over to ship on Friday as we work through our new routines, but our customers will still get their orders faster than if we shipped them out of our Lakewood, WA distribution center.  It is really exciting to finally get back to business again.  It was a lot of work to get us here, but it is already paying off with better organization and efficiency.  Wish us luck on our first day back at full speed!

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