3 Days to Go – Approaching the finish line.

Our first day of shipping test orders from our new DC was challenging.  We had a lot of little kinks to work out.  Cookie and Steve from Automation Dynamics stopped by first thing in the morning to figure out why carousel 6 wasn’t responded.  They were able to solve the problem quickly.

Our light trees that light up to show us which carousel bin to pick were acting a little goofy.  Programmer William Kung did a great job of getting those straightened around.  Our label printer at one of the checking stations wasn’t responding, and Programmer Matthew Van Amburg got that all figured out.

One of our bigger challenges was our box sealing machine that wasn’t holding air pressure.  This is the machine that tapes the bottom and top of each carton simultaneously after we pack it.

The repair technician that came out to look at it decided that the problem was actually that the air compressor needed to be reset to fit the additional distance of air line that we have in this facility.  He continued to explain that we have a very unusual type of air compressor that he didn’t know how to work on and didn’t know where we would find someone.  He was surprised when I told him that I probably wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to work on an Air Techniques Air Star dental compressor.  He seemed doubly surprised  when I found someone within about 30 seconds.  Dan Barnes, Technology Service Technician, to the rescue!

By the end of the day, everything was running smoothly and we had filled all of the orders for the Tulsa branch, plus a handful of orders from other branches – 60 orders total.  We also filled all of the backorders from the system and continued to process the bulk orders for all of the branches.

We will continue to process all of the orders for the Tulsa branch customers tomorrow and will add in all of the orders for our Oklahoma City branch customers.  We will also work on getting caught up on all of the receiving that piled up during the move.

Note to our Print Designer Becky Burris:  Your art looks great in our lobby!


  1. Robb Marshall says:

    What an outstanding job by the Irving DC!! You guys are amazing!

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