5 Days to Go – We can finally see most of the floor again.

After a very long weekend of putting merchandise away in the carousels, we can finally see most of our floor again.

This is a big change from what it looked like on Friday:

We still have a handful of pallets left to put away, but we felt like we were far enough along to let everyone have tomorrow – Memorial Day – off. Everyone in the DC has been working incredibly hard with long hours.  They worked straight through last weekend and have worked both Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.  Monday off was well-deserved.

We plan to come in early on Tuesday morning to put away the last of the merchandise and then work on actually picking and shipping orders for the Tulsa customers.  We will see how that goes before we add any additional branches.

We also have about 10 days of product receiving to do.  We did get a good jump on it today, but there is a lot to do.

Heath Hollis had his Washington roots showing as he dismantled our old computers and prepared them for some e-recycling.  Way to keep Texas green!

Here is a look at all of the fun we had putting stuff away today.

Here is another video from Friday showing the first time that our carousels spun in our new DC.


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