6 Days to Go – Putting everything away is not that fun.

It turns out that putting all of that merchandise back into the carousels is not that fun.  We had a very long day of hauling merchandise from stacks in the back of the warehouse to the carousels for loading.  Some people were transporters, others verified the correct products were going to the correct locations, and others were loading them into the carousels.

It was a slow go, but we made a lot of progress.  It was encouraging to be able to see at least a little bare floors in places around the warehouse – a very big improvement over the last week.

We did get the checking, wrapping, logging lines completely finished today, and they are ready to process orders on Tuesday for our Tulsa branch.

We also got the receiving stations set up and starting in on some of that receiving that has been piling up for a week.  Jim Trotter made a lot of progress on it today.

Chris Barnette’s desk did not survive the move, so he has a very nice chair with a really sad folding table for a desk.  We may have to do something about a desk for him.  Chris has had a lot going on this week and he just keeps smiling.

We also saw big improvements on the outside of the building.  The landlord finished painting the Burkhart green stripes around the building.  Much better than the faded red we had before.

I know that you have probably been worried about those warehouse floors because you haven’t heard much about them lately.  Rest easy, I am still taking good care of them.

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