7 Days to Go – Lights, pick tickets, action!

It is hard for me to believe how far we have come in less than a month!  Automation Dynamics finished up the main installation of the carousels today – right on schedule – and worked with us as we tested running orders through the picking process.  The day started out with Heath Hollis on the phone with Programmers William Kung and Matthew Van Amburg as they created test orders.  The expectation was that the orders would print out and the carousels would begin to rotate to the proper picking locations.  What we saw was a lot of this:

Never fear … IT was on the job.  We just had to make some slight adjustments.  Don’t cut the blue wire, Heath!

All of a sudden things were spinning and the light trees were lighting up.  Yippee!  Check out this video of our carousels in action.


As you can see by the video, we still have a lot of stocking to do in the carousels.  The entire team will be spending the long weekend getting all of the products loaded back up.  Our plan now is to be picking and shipping orders for the Tulsa branch customers on Tuesday morning.  We will see how that goes and may add other branches – ahead of schedule – if things are going well.

We also spent some time getting all of the work stations set up so they are ready to go on Tuesday.  Our checking, wrapping and logging stations are set up to be super efficient to minimize wasted motion and maximize comfort for the associates.  They like how everything is within an easy reach and they love their cushy new mats that will relieve the fatigue of standing on concrete all day.

Our new roommates moved in today.  The office staff from the Dallas branch will have temporary quarters with the DC until their new offices are ready.  They enjoyed some lovely 95 degree weather for their moving day.

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