8 Days to Go – The carousels are (mostly) spinning!

Automation Dynamics got our carousels spinning by the end of the day today – right on schedule!  They still have a few kinks to work out, but we should be testing the IT systems for picking of carousel orders tomorrow.  We moved from 6 carousels to 8 carousels in our new building, and this will require some changes to our programming.

We also get to really ramp up our loading of products back into the carousels tomorrow. We already have carousel #1 about 90% loaded and carousel #8 about 50% loaded.  Our original plan was to start loading them back up this coming weekend, so we are well ahead of schedule.  This is great news!

We also had a focus on getting more of the work stations set up in preparation for picking orders next week.

Our PC Specialist, Heath Hollis, even got our big screen running in the break room so we have a place to watch Lori’s State of the Company video and other updates.

And Marti Ashley finally got her desk assembled.  It is a wonderful desk from Office Depot.  If you are thinking about buying one, I highly recommend paying the $150 to have it assembled… ahhh, hindsight.

Our old racking that we moved from Coppell is about 95% complete and we started loading it up with products today.  This racking is the picking area that we call “flow”.  As you can see from these photos, part of this racking has rollers that allow us to load products from the back so they can flow down to the front for picking.

The Dallas branch office has also been busy with moving activities.  They have been busy packing up everything from their current location in Coppell.  Equipment Coordinator Ursula Amerine, Service Coordinator Pam Holman, and Branch Admin Kristen Corscadden will be temporarily moving into an extra office in the DC tomorrow and will stay until their new offices are complete. The branch service department will be moving into some extra space in the warehouse next week as well.

Branch Admin Kristen Corscadden stopped by today to vote on the green for the stripe.  The winning color (none of the three you saw yesterday) has been chosen, and the bottom stripe is already complete.  Those painters work fast.  It is a big improvement over the old faded red stripe.

Note to Heather Hollis:  Thanks for sending the care package of geek treats to your dad (PC Specialist Heath Hollis).  You really brightened his day!

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