9 Days to Go – More debate about green.

We had to make a big decision about green again today.  Which one of these three shades of green on the test strip looks like Burkhart green to you?  One of them will be used to paint over that tired red/pink stripe that is currently on the building.

The big news here today was all about our Order Fulfillment Supervisor, Chris Barnette’s, new baby. Madilyn Ryan Barnette was born this morning at 12:59am – 6.6 lbs and 19 inches.  A new baby and a new DC all in one week – Chris is having quite a week! Here is Madilyn with her proud sister Kaitlyn.  Congratulations Chris and Quinlyn!

Another bit of excitement was the running of our new conveyor system.  We gathered up the whole team to watch it run.  Everyone was astounded at how quiet it is.  This will give the DC associates a much more peaceful work environment.  It is also a much safer system than we had in Coppell.

Our racking experts from Warehouse Equipment Solutions continued to assemble our old racking that we moved over from Coppell.  They will have that complete sometime tomorrow.

The team from Automation Dynamics continues to work on the final assembly of our carousels in preparation for testing on Friday.  Things are even a little ahead of schedule.

The IT team finished installing the phone system today.  This was surprising since they didn’t even make one trip to Fry’s today.  Call the DC at our new number 469-242-4005.  The branch will have a new number on Monday: 469-242-4000.

Things are starting to look Burkhart-ish around here since Armando Soto and Jim Trotter hung all of the DC banners.  These banners – created by our awesome graphic design team – each focus on one of the eight words that represent the Burkhart distribution centers.  These words describe the important relationship between our customers and the Burkhart distribution centers.  You have also seen these words and phrases on the t-shirts worn by the DC associates.  The underlying theme is 100% accuracy.

Here are all eight words and their descriptions:

Teamwork: the people at Burkhart are like an extension of our office’s team. They provide us with what we need to get the job done and we couldn’t do it without their support!

Service: I was able to spend more time with a new patient because I didn’t have to follow up on a bag of mandrels missing from our order.

Success: Burkhart always comes through for me. When I order supplies I know I will receive them on time. I’m confident in Burkhart and my success depends on them.

Precision: I depend on Burkhart to get the small details right. I received my nitrile gloves today just in time for an appointment with a patient who has an allergy.

Partnership: I value our partners and I’m committed to do whatever it takes to help them be successful at what they do.

Integrity: My patients  trust that I will give them the best care. I’m glad I can rely on Burkhart to provide me with the tools I need to earn that trust.

Focus: I am focused on providing doctors with what they need. They can depend on me to give 100% each and every day!

Detail: I focus on the details so my doctors don’t have to worry about dealing with a missing order or a stressed out team.



  1. Ron DeLaura says:

    the one on the far right

  2. Kari Udbye says:

    I like the one closest to the corner.

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