10 Days to Go – We are loading the carousels…slowly.

The big news today is that we were able to start loading products back into the carousels.  It was a slow go, but it was a big relief to get started.  Automation Dynamics is still working on the mechanical parts of the carousels and we don’t want to get in their way, so we only have access to one side of carousel #1.  The carousels aren’t able to spin normally yet, so we can only load what is facing us.  Halfway through the day, the team from Automation Dynamics all pulled the 1st carousel around so that we can work on the other side tomorrow.  We didn’t plan to be able to start loading them until Saturday, so this is a huge bonus to have this extra time.

Tina Coronado and James Corbell verified the location of every item before they passed it off to Marti Ashley and Jim Burgess to load in the carousel.

Another big news item is that our Order Fulfillment Supervisor, Chris “the master of perfect baby delivery timing” Barnette, left early to go welcome his new baby into the world.  I continue to offer thanks to Mrs. Barnette for waiting until after we moved.  I hope to have baby pictures for you tomorrow.  Good luck Chris and Quinlyn!

We also welcomed our first visitors to the new DC.  Dallas Branch Manager, Jim Lout, and Austin Branch Manager, Bryan Foreman, stopped by to check out all of the commotion.

Bryan Foreman had an ulterior motive in that he heard the price was right on some of our leftover racking from Coppell.  He drove up in a rental truck and picked up some racking for the Austin branch.

Speaking of racking… as promised, I have more photos of racking being assembled for your viewing pleasure.  Alan DeYoung, Owner of Warehouse Equipment Solutions has been on site throughout this project to ensure that all of the racking was installed perfectly.  Alan shared with me that he only knows about four things.  Lucky for me, one of those things is warehouse racking.  He saved my bacon on several things throughout this project, and I am grateful for his assistance.

Alan’s team worked hard all day to move our old racking over from Coppell and assemble it in Irving.

The team from Automation Dynamics has also been working on putting the finishing touches on the conveyor system and setting up the decking that the pickers will stand on as well as the shelves that will hold the computers.  We should be starting up the conveyors for the first time tomorrow. Expect to hear some ooohs and aaahs from the Irving team when they hear how quiet they run.

Here is a look at the conveyor line where our checking, wrapping and logging stations will be.

Jesse Marroquin has been our assembly guy for the last couple of days.  Today he focused on assembling our new receiving stations.  They turned out great!

I will close with two stories about cookies.  First, let me say that John “no really, you can call me Cookie” Cook from Automation Dynamics has been fantastic to work with on the carousels.  I strongly suspect that he is the reason that Bob Starr is able to say, “I got this.”  Here is Cookie working on the wiring for our carousels.

Secondly, our talented Graphic Designer, Sara Wisely, sent me homemade cookies, which made my day.  Here is our IT Systems Manager, Bryce Kerker, stealing said cookies.  Thanks, Sara!

Note to VP of Operations Greg Biersack:  I hope you are having a wonderful birthday at the Equipment and Technology Specialist Retreat.  Happy Birthday!

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