11 Days to Go – We are in halfway in business.

We successfully picked and shipped all of our bulk orders!  Dion Langley and Jim Trotter picked everything and Chris Barnette double-checked every order to make sure that everything was working correctly.  Programmer Matthew Van Amburg was a tremendous help in getting all of the labels, invoices, and UPS documents to print out.  The team loves the speedy new printers!

Paul Avila and Armando Soto spent most of the day receiving our bulk inbound shipments that had been gathering since Wednesday.  They were able to get them all received and put away without a hitch.  We are officially business-as-usual in the bulk product shipping and receiving – whew!

Marti Ashley spent the morning getting the last little bits of things out of the Coppell DC.  Today was also the day that we moved some big bits – our forklift and stock picker – over to the Irving DC.  Cody from AK Equipment Movers did a fantastic job of getting our lifts loaded quickly and safely and had them unloaded in Irving just as fast.

We also had the old pallet racking in Coppell dismantled.  Alan DeYoung’s team from Warehouse Equipment Solutions and ESSI did a great job of getting it pulled apart and ready to move to Irving tomorrow morning.  I know how you were enjoying the photos of yellow racking.  Today’s special treat is orange racking.  Too bad we couldn’t get racking in Burkhart green!

Automation Dyamics continued to work hard at getting our carousels assembled in Irving.  They now have all 8 carousels mostly assembled, and are starting to work on the controls that will spin them.

Here is Bob “by golly, I think he has it” Starr going over the wiring schematics with Jeff, our electrician from JHC Electric.

Heath Hollis is pretty excited because he got to borrow a service van from the branch so he could get equipment moved around. It fits his style a little better than the rental Altima.  The IT team made their 12th trip to Fry’s today.

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