12 Days to Go – Bulk is a go!

After several days of crazy hard work, we have all of our bulk products stocked in the pallet racking and are ready to start picking and shipping those products tomorrow.  We spent the day stocking everything, moving items that needed new locations, and verifying that everything was in the correct location and pick ready.

We spent a lot of time up front determining the location for items based on how often they are sold and the quantities that we receive.  The fastest moving items are all on the floor in the first few aisles.  Slower items are stored higher or farther away.  This will minimize travel time when picking and stocking and should make everything go a lot smoother.

Our Programmer, Matthew Van Amburg, spent the day ensuring that our new system is ready to print picking labels and invoices for the bulk shipments and that our UPS shipping system is set up.  We will be back in business – for bulk – Monday morning!

In addition to making their 10th and 11th trips to Fry’s, Bryce Kerker and Heath Hollis worked on getting all of the other computers in the building set up so that they are ready to install once our conveyors and receiving stations are complete.  As you can see, we still have a few ergonomic issues to work out.

Automation Dynamics continued to work on moving our old carousels from Coppell to Irving.  The carousels are all out of Coppell, but the conveyors still need to move.

They are making fantastic progress on getting them reassembled in Irving.

We are on schedule and everything is going relatively smoothly.  We celebrated with ice cream on our new front steps.  Extra credit if you can spot the IT team in this photo.


  1. gbiersack says:

    The place looks amazing! Congrats for staying on schedule for the bulk shipping day! This is great.

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