13 Days to Go – The Coppell team has left the building.

After three long days of incredibly hard work, all of our products are out of Coppell and moved into our new building in Irving.  I wouldn’t say that they are super organized in Irving, but at least they are there.  Now we can begin to tear down our old carousels, conveyors and racking and move much of it to Irving.

Our entire team worked hard and – as you can see – they are all pretty worn out from the long hours.  Here are Tina Coronado and Dion Langley trying to rejuvenate during break time.

Our old space in Coppell looks pretty sad and lonely now that all of the products are gone.

Here is what is left of Marti’s office.

Bob “I think he really does got this” Starr and his Automation Dynamics team went right to work dismantling the carousels and moving them over to Irving for reassembly.  Here is a look at Coppell missing a bunch of their carousels.

They are making fantastic progress on the carousels in Irving.  As you can see here, they already have four of the eight carousels assembled.

We are slowly getting all of the bulk products put away.  We have a ways to go and the whole team will be in tomorrow to  finish putting away bulk products.

Good news from IT today.  They were able to successfully print a bulk picking label in Irving.  As long as we get the bulk products all put away tomorrow, we are feeling pretty confident about our ability to pick and ship bulk products from our new digs on Monday.  Here is Bryce Kerker wearing our first Irving pick label.

The IT team made their 9th trip to Fry’s today to get parts for our systems.  From now on I will be providing you with a running tally of the number of trips made to Fry’s.  By golly, this blog just keeps getting more exciting!

Although we are ahead of schedule, we did have some challenges today that slowed us down.  When one of the trailers arrived full of products and racking, the load had shifted and the door was caught on a rack.  Jim Burgess came to the rescue by shimmying under the door and loosening everything up from inside.

We had more drama late in the day when our rented forklift stopped working.  It was stuck as a giant paperweight in one of our main aisles.

This problem resulted in our main forklift driver, Dion Langley, spending the rest of the afternoon hoofing it with a pallet jack.

But not to worry, we called 1-800-NoSweat to get a repair tech.  Willie, the Sunbelt Rentals Repair Technician, was able to get to us around 8:00pm and got us all fixed up for tomorrow.  I was happy and Willie left with a new toothbrush.

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