14 Days to Go – How do you move 300,000 items in three days?

I think I speak for the entire formerly Coppell team when I say that we are tired.  Today was a grueling day of shuttling carts and pallets in and out of trailers to move our products from the old Coppell distribution center to our new home in Irving.  The 90 degree weather definitely added to the challenge.  I can’t tell you how proud I was to see the amazing effort and dedication of this team!

It was also great to see our DC Manager, Marti Ashley, marvel at our fabulous new distribution center.  Marti was one of the founding employees of the original Reeve Dental Irving Distribution Center that was acquired by Burkhart in 1998.  She helped it grow from a few products in a store room to the bustling Coppell DC.  I could tell that she was prouder still to see it evolve into the Irving DC.  Marti has a right to be proud of it!

The team spent the morning pulling products out of the carousels in Coppell so that Bob “I got this” Starr and his team could start dismantling them.  We had everything out before lunch time, and Automation Dynamics started pulling them apart.

The Automation Dynamics team in Irving continued working on our additional two carousels and completing the new conveyor system.

So what about all of the stuff?  Boy howdy it is everywhere.  Storing 300,000 items horizontally is really a mess.

We brought the products from the carousels over on carts and unloaded them onto the floor to wait until the carousels are rebuilt.  Here is James Corbell in action.

The bulk products came over on pallets and Tina Coronado, Paul Avila, and Dion Langley had quite the job putting it all away.

At this point, we are slightly ahead of schedule on the move.  We have all of the carousel product and more than half of the bulk pallets moved over.  Tomorrow we will move the rest of the bulk products as well as the desks, tables and other things from the offices.  We then need to concentrate on getting all of the bulk items put away in their new locations so they are ready for picking on Monday.

The IT team set up Dion’s  bulk picking station so we are ready to pick on Monday.

On Monday, the team from Warehouse Equipment Solutions will be tearing down the racking in our old DC and moving most of it over to Irving to be rebuilt.  What’s that you say?  You thought you had seen the last of the photos of racking being assembled.  I can assure you there will be many more to come.  We will be adding three more aisles of pallet racking that will hold our flow racking trays and some additional shelving.

Following the grueling day of moving, I joined our IT team for dinner at The Ranch in Las Colinas.  Three out of three IT people agree that it is the best restaurant in Texas.  Here is our newest visitor to Texas, Programmer Matthew Van Amburg, enjoying some of their tasty Chicken Fried Steak.

A shout out to my old friends in Customer Service.  The moving company that we hired didn’t come close to your awesome customer service skills, but they did have some cool t-shirts.


  1. Alex Nunez says:

    Hello there,
    So i’ve been searching up and down for a receipt i thought for sure was lost. At the top of this receipt some of the best guests i’ve ever had come to my restaurant left the address to this here blog. Well i was really excited to get on and find a good shout out for The Ranch, and what a great picture of Mr. Amburg and our chicken fried steak. I’m just wandering what ever happened to the beautiful picture of me? I’ve also enjoyed seeing the progress you folks have made on your current project. I used to work at a factory in Coppell, and yours is looking much nicer. Good luck to you and your team, and hope to see you back at the restaurant some day.

    • judigriffin says:

      Alex- I am glad you found our blog. Our team has been back to The Ranch several times and each time the food and service have been excellent. Your photo was too blurry to include, but we will try to get another one the next time we are at The Ranch. Thanks for following our progress!

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