15 Days to Go – No turning back now!

We are officially shut down in Coppell.  At 4:00pm, the trailers full of carts arrived and the fun began.  We rented carts that we will stack with products from our carousels.  This is what they look like when they are full.

Here is Tina Coronado loading up the carts with carousel products.  Why do we love Tina? Because she is still smiling this big after working for 12 hours!

Here are Armando Soto and Chris “no baby yet” Barnette preparing our bulk products for shipping.

James Trotter is working so fast to shrink-wrap carts that he is just a blur.

Here is Jim Burgess keeping everything moving.

And here is Dion Langley stocking our very first product in the new Irving DC.


The pressure is on to get those carousels completely empty tomorrow so that Bob “I got this” Starr and his band of experts can dismantle, move, and reassemble our 6 carousels within a week. They have pre-built a lot of our 2 additional carousels in Irving.

Our fearless IT team was also on site today working on our wireless access points and network.  Bryce Kerker and Heath Hollis love the scissor lift.

The Dallas branch is also moving out of Coppell at the same time as the DC.  Their new offices are not completed yet, so they will be sharing some office space with the DC for a couple of months.  Most of the branch furnishings are being stored in these cool PODS.

Could it be a coincidence that Jim Lout, our Dallas Branch Manager, hired Colby Eldredge as a new Sales Intern – to start the week of the branch move?  Colby is in his final year at The University of North Texas, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in General Business and Marketing.  Colby and I have been sharing a temporary office in the conference room and I can assure you that he is thoroughly enjoying his study of dental products (interspersed with the occasional moving of some furniture and boxes).

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