16 Days to Go – The IT team is here; now we have to get serious.

Part of our brilliant IT team is in town to bring everything we have done so far together into some semblance of order.  Bryce Kerker, IT Systems Manager, and Heath Hollis, PC Specialist, are setting up all of our network connections and wireless access.  Here are Bryce and Heath in action.

Matthew Van Amburg, our Programmer/Analyst arrives tomorrow.  The three of them will be assisted by William Kung, Programmer/Analyst, and Ron DeLaura, Director of IT, from the corporate office.  As a group they will be responsible for redirecting our orders to our other distribution centers throughout the move process.  They also need to reprogram all of the systems to recognize that we now have 8 carousels instead of 6.  Getting them to spin and operate correctly will provide a few challenges I am sure.

They will also be moving all of the IT equipment from Coppell to Irving.  The crunch time starts tomorrow night. They have to get all of our computers and printers moved and set up over the weekend.  The Irving DC needs to be able to ship and receive their bulk products by Monday morning.

Dion Langley is our main bulk picker at the Coppell DC.  He has a lot of pressure on him to get all of the bulk products ready to ship out of Irving by Monday.  He and Chris “where the heck is that baby” Barnette have spent a tremendous amount of time getting our bulk products ready to ship.  They have been restacking, labeling and wrapping everything they can in advance.  Starting at 5:00pm tomorrow night they will be pulling pallets down and getting them ready to load onto two trailers that we rented for the move.  Dion and Chris were at the Irving DC tonight until 8:30pm getting the new locations labeled – dang, where is my picture of that??  They have put in a lot of effort up front, and I know it will help make this move go a lot smoother.

Marti Ashley and the rest of the team in Coppell have also been sorting, stacking and organizing everything they can in preparation.  The sides and back of the carousels have been cleared out to make room for the carts that will transport all of the products.

They have also been palletizing all of the overstock from the carousels and stacking it up around Marti’s office.  This stuff is stacked everywhere and is completely in the way of everything.  I think part of our strategy might have been to make everyone in Coppell so uncomfortable that they couldn’t help but love Irving.  The strategy seems to be working.

One of the most fun parts of this project is watching people assemble these really massive and/or complicated structures.  Have you ever wondered how they build those racks?  Check out this web version of a flip book to see how it is done by Warehouse Equipment Solutions.

I had a good time driving around on the scissor lift today putting location labels on that new racking.  It is pretty fun to drive once you get the hang of it.  When you don’t have the hang of it, those racking guys get really nervous.  I took this cool shot of our new conveyors while I was up there.

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