18 Days to Go – We are making progress!

We made some incredible progress today.  Our racking and conveyor parts started rolling in very early this morning.

The vertical steel uprights that we purchased used arrived at 25′ high and had to be cut down to 20′ to fit our ceiling.  This was not a very fun process to listen to, but they went together nicely once they were cut.  Alan DeYoung from Warehouse Equipment Solutions brought the fun team of David, Darius and Rene from ESSI, and they really did a great job.

Cutting down the verticals and removing the previous barcode labels has slowed this team a bit, but it looks like they will be done putting up these racks by Wednesday.

Bob “I got this” Starr and his team from Automation Dynamics took this pile of erector set parts and built us a conveyor system.  It was amazing to watch so much progress made in one day.  I am starting to think that Bob Starr really does got this!

It is probably a little hard to picture what we are trying to create if you haven’t had a chance to visit one of our distribution centers.  This is a photo of our current distribution center in Coppell.  It shows our 6 carousels full of products with the conveyor around it in something like an “S” shape.  Our new DC will have 8 carousels and the conveyor will go around them in a “U” shape.

Marti Ashley, our DC Manager, was pretty excited to start assembling some things for the office.  She is very happy because she finally got her lamp and plant that she has been dreaming of for the lobby.

Here was the most popular guy of the day.  We haven’t had any air conditioning in the building up until this point.  It had been vacant for a long time and all of the A/C units had to be serviced before we could use them.  His work was just in time as it is supposed to be in the 80s and 90s for our move.

Just when I was starting to miss my old friend Bigfoot, I ran across these two Jackalopes late at night.  Are they really the mythical Jackalopes?  You decide…

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