19 Days to Go – Happy Mother’s Day

Our work crews had the day off for Mother’s Day.  It was great to get a day off as we have an incredibly busy week ahead of us.  A forklift is being delivered first thing tomorrow and will be used to unload all of our pallet racking and our new conveyor system.

Alan DeYoung of Warehouse Equipment Solutions will have a crew assembling the pallet racking, which should take 2-3 days.  Our pallet racking has 20′ high vertical legs and 12′ horizontal beams.  They have 83 of those 20′ high vertical legs to bolt into our fancy new floor.  They will then connect them with the 528 horizontal beams that will make the shelves for our pallets.  Most of the shelves will have a wire deck added to them to help support the products. Some will just have some cross-beams as supports.  About 80% of this racking is new to us, but the other 20% will be moved from Coppell once we have moved all of our inventory out.  Once the racking is mostly installed, we will need to start labeling all of the shelves with location numbers.  We have a lot to get done before our inventory starts moving over on Friday.

Bob “I got this” Starr from Automation Dynamics will also have a crew starting tomorrow.  They will be building our fancy new conveyor system that will be the envy of warehouses across the land.  They need to do some prep work to move some of our existing conveyor over to use as gravity lines through our checking, wrapping and logging stations as well.  In addition, they will be be setting up the electrical and some of the controls for our carousel system, which we will be moving from Coppell.

It should be an action packed day and will finally feel like we are making some progress towards our move.

Today was also a tourist day for me.  I had an excellent history tour of Dallas on a Segway.  That was a very fun way to see this really exciting city.  Here is a photo of their cattle drive sculpture in Pioneer Plaza.  It has 53 bigger-than-life longhorn and horse sculptures currently and will have 70 by the time it is finished.  It was amazing!

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