21 Days to Go – I finally feel at home!

Dallas finally feels like home to me.  Here is the view of the rain out my car window this morning. You folks from Tacoma will appreciate it when I say that it was a very wet rain.

I must give a shout out to Jeff from JHC Electrical.  He has been installing our 34 additional electrical outlets, 220 outlets for our lift equipment, as well as power to our carousel and conveyor control boxes. He has been here almost every day for the past two weeks and kept smiling the whole time!

These fun guys from Crown arrived to assemble our static shelving.  Yippee!  We finally have something in our warehouse.  This shelving will store our slowest moving products.

Remember the sad blue cabinetry in the break room?  It is on its way to being a very trendy earth brown.  The paint in the offices is almost complete!  They are still assuring me that everything will be done by Tuesday… seems a bit optimistic, but we aren’t too far off.

Our manufacturing partners have already started shipping to our new address.  We better hurry up and open for business!

Back in Coppell, everyone is preparing for the move.  Here is Armando Soto labeling products in the carousels.  We need to pull everything out of the carousels on Thursday and Friday so they can be disassembled.  Labeling them carefully so we can put them away correctly in Irving is the key.

If you were going to install a fire extinguisher in our lobby, is this where you would put it?  Me neither.

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