22 Days to Go – You say green; I say grey.

The name of the color of the kitchen tile that Janet picked out is Earth Green.  When I arrive this morning, I see this grey tile half installed and explain to the installer that it is supposed to be green.  He makes the saddest face that I have ever seen.

A few phone calls later I determine that this grey tile is correct. It just suffers from being poorly named.  The floor installer has a happy face again, and I feel a bit guilty about temporarily ruining his day.

The paint, carpet and grey/green tile is all coming together very nicely.

Don’t worry – those blue cabinets will be painted on Monday.

Did you just tilt your head to the left to look at our tile being installed in the IT room?  This is what I like to call the fitness portion of the blog. Thank you for participating.

I took a little ride up in the scissor lift to get a better view of the warehouse.  It looks great!

We just have a 1/6 sliver of the warehouse floor left to seal.  It is the part that is right next to the wall of our neighbor, Culligan Water.  They are going to seal it late Friday or early on Saturday so that the Culligan folks don’t have to smell the awful acryllic fumes all day.

Here is some good news!  This is our static shelving that was delivered today.  It will be assembled by Crown tomorrow.  Finally, we will see some action!

Do you know what this is?  It has been hanging out in our DC for a very long time, and we think it is an early dental x-ray machine.  If you know someone that might be interested in it, please drop me a line.


  1. gbiersack says:

    The office looks great

  2. Judging by these pictures this will be a great office to work in. The contractors did a great job.

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