23 Days to Go – The office starts to take shape!

A team arrived today to install the carpet and vinyl tiles in the office areas.  It was great to see how well it is coming together.  Janet Brooks, our Marketing and PR Coordinator, did a great job of picking out all of the colors for paint, carpet and tiles.  The installation should be completed tomorrow.  It really looks great so far!

It is really exciting to see all of this finally coming together.  The construction crew has assured me that everything will be done by Tuesday.  I think this is a might bit optimistic, but we will see.

This blog wouldn’t be complete without an update on those precious warehouse floors.  I am happy to tell you that they now have two thirds of the floors sealed.  They have committed to having the remainder complete on Friday.  They look so great that it will have been worth all of the waiting and delay to our schedule.  Here is our hardworking floor team:

I continue to see a lot of progress from our electrician and data installation folks.  Both of those teams should be wrapping up most of their work this week.

We have data and power now for Tina Coronado’s checking station.  If only we had a computer, conveyor, carousels, and a couple of dental products… ah, patience!


  1. Anne Mattis says:

    Judi, it looks great so far! Thanks for keeping us informed with these fun updates!

  2. gbiersack says:

    Great pics Thanks

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