24 days to go – Can you hear me now?

This friendly guy from Verizon showed up today to install our T1 line.  This is pretty big news as we were having a lot of trouble getting them to commit to installing it before June.  We actually talked through a contingency plan of running the DC off a wireless hot spot MiFi setup for a while.  Having the T1 ready to go is a huge weight off my mind.

Another big development today is the replacing of the front steps. As you can see, the old steps were cracked and broken and a bit of a trip hazard in places.

The landlord agreed to replace them and arrived with the giant jackhammer today.  It was pretty noisy, but fun to watch.

One slight problem… I am carrying a step ladder in my car now so that I can get in and out of the building to lock up and set the alarm.  This fine fellow from Pennington Concrete helped me crawl up through the bushes (at great risk of a gecko encounter) to get into the building tonight as the concrete was still wet. Must resist temptation to return later and write my name in the concrete.  The new steps really look great!

Our construction crew also got another big section of the floor sealed up today.  At this point, they are halfway done with the floors.  I have pushed our conveyor and carousel installation out again until Monday.  The part where the conveyors and carousels will go is done, but the fumes from the sealant are so toxic that our conveyor installers wouldn’t be able to stand working in there while the sealant is being applied.  Our schedule is seriously in peril at this point, but our conveyor installer, Bob “I got this” Starr, assures me that it will still work out, and we will be able to make our grand opening of June 1st.

The CMS crew was back at it again today.  Does Randy from CMS remind you of Chevy Chase and his big ball of Christmas lights?

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