25 days to go – The Coppell team visits the new site.

Today was a really fun day because all of the warehouse associates in Coppell went with us on a field trip to the new DC.  This is what it looked like when they saw it a few weeks ago.

Today they saw this fresh space with white walls, bright yellow posts and gleaming floors.  None of them wanted to step into the warehouse because they thought the floors were still wet.  The floors were so glossy that they had to touch them with their hands to believe that they were dry.

Everyone was amazed by the transformation and anxious to get moved in.  We spent time looking at the design drawing and showing them where everything would go.

The new Irving Distribution Center team reflecting!  From left to right:  Jesse Marroquin, Armando Soto, Chris Barnette, James Corbell, Jim Trotter, Paul Avila, Marti Ashley, Tina Coronado, Jim Burgess, and Dion Langley

The remainder of the floor work is continuing at a frantic pace.  We are in a race to get the floors ready for our conveyor installation on Thursday.  They have about 1/3 completely done and about 1/6 ready for seal tomorrow.  That will definitely finish up the area where the conveyors and carousels go, but it still might be tough to work around if they are still sealing floors in other areas of the warehouse.

George and Randy, our expert data line installers from CMS spent another day running cable in preparation for the arrival of our IT team next week.

Note to Bryce Kerker, Burkhart IT Systems Manager, and Heath Hollis, Burkhart PC Specialist:  You have this Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation ball of data lines to look forward to next week!

We are unofficially open for business in Irving as three of our manufacturing partners have already started shipping to our new location.  Here is Marti Ashley with our first deliveries.

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