26 days left – Floors are starting to shine!

I was greeted by all of these smiling faces at 7:00am on Sunday after Cinco de Mayo.  Fast-Trak Construction has a great crew!

They immediately went to work on the floors.  One guy continued filling in small divots with MM-80 epoxy filler.

This team was finishing the epoxy that was cured from yesterday.  One of them is using a heat gun to warm it up.  The other guy has a giant razor blade that shaves the overfill off even with the concrete.  Working around a heat gun in 93 degree heat is muy caliente!

We have some big potholes in the concrete that are too big for the epoxy.  This guy is filling those with a batch of new concrete.

A couple of guys were cleaning and scrubbing another section of the floor to prepare it for sealing.  They were using “Industrial Purple” to remove the grease and tire marks.  Apparently, this is the “Simple Green” for not-so-simple cleaning jobs.

But the big story of the day was the sealing of 1/3 of the floor that had already been cleaned and prepped using Kure-n-Seal 30.  Check out the shine on our floors!

You can really see the difference between the sealed floor and the unsealed floor in this photo.

The part that is complete is where our conveyors and carousels will go so we can proceed as planned with our modified timeline.

I have been learning a little more about our new city during my stay here.  One of the things that I noticed was that all of the logo material concerning Irving has horses associated with it somehow.  Here are some examples:

I did a little research and found out that Irving is famous for their “Mustangs at Las Colinas” – a giant sculpture that honors the wild mustangs that were such a big part of Texas history.  I went to see the sculpture and it was very impressive.  There are 9 giant sculpted mustangs running through a stream.  If you get a chance to visit Irving, make sure you stop by to see this sculpture at Williams Square.



  1. Delene Losch says:

    Great postings Judi – love the cowboy boots & hat!

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