28 days left – Gator anyone?

Our very talented Order Fulfillment Supervisor, Chris Barnette, was worried that I wouldn’t have enough stuff for the blog today so he took me out to lunch to Razzoos so that I could try some Gator Tail.  As luck would have it, it was in season.  Prior to this, I was unaware that there was a gator hunting season.  The things you learn as you travel around a bit!  The other thing I learned is that alligator tastes a lot like chicken.

In addition to the 28 days that we are counting down to our Grand Opening, we are also counting down to the due date for Chris’ new baby girl.  She is due May 25th.

Note to Mrs. Barnette:  We hope that you have a very healthy and wonderful baby, but we just hope that you have that wonderful baby soon!  We would hate for Chris to miss the birth because he was so busy with the move 😉

I thought the new pallet jack was pretty exciting until I accepted our rental scissor lift today.

George Rubin, our pal from CMS, took me up in the scissor lift so that I could get some bird’s eye view photos for you.


So I bet you are wondering what is going on with those floors.  Well, we have a whole lot of this going on for the next few days:

This guy has a big job, but he kept at it all day and was joined by several other helpers.  His son was also there helping out.  He showed me a fun new way to get across the warehouse quickly using their equipment dolly.

It is much easier than those stilts.  Speaking of those stilts, I found their secret hiding place.  Bwaaa-ha-ha…



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